Presa pentru calcat universala model BPU

presa pentru calcat universala model bpu

Presa pentru calcat universala model BPU. Air operated press Mod. BP-U Brava , utility shape boards Air operated universal press, with good performances and moderate price. Padded buck and head ,both with live steam and buck with vacuum. Available either for connection to external steam , vacuum and air supplies or self contained. Available extras : - Built-in boiler - Built-in vacuum - Built-in compressor - Timer to control the different finishing stages - Special blowing of the buck -GFV iron group - Sleeve spotting arm

Presa pentru calcat mansete gulere model CCP

presa pentru calcat mansete gulere model ccp

Presa pentru calcat mansete gulere model CCP. Air operated press Mod. CCP , for the finish of collar and cuffs of shirts Air operated pressfor the finish of collars and cuffs of any type of shirts. It includes : -Built-in vacuum to allow fast and efficient setting of the shirt and the drying of the fabric -Two timers programming the closing and vacuum times - Special padding on the bucks to prevent damage to buttons and removing the problem of pressure marks . -NICKEL PLATED, STEAM heated polished head -Two buttons operation for closing the head ;safety guard and emergency stop button . Available either for connection to central steam supply or with built-in boiler.

Presa pentru spalatorie model LAV

presa pentru spalatorie model lav

Presa pentru spalatorie model LAV. Pneumatic Presse Mod. LAV-R1, rectangular shape with high grade nickel plated head. Pneumatic presse for LAUNDRYwith high grade nickel plated polished head . Bottom buck with pad and cover, both Steam heated, ( not steaming,just heated ). Head closing by two buttons, or two buttons + head safety guard. Available either for connection to external steam and air supply or self-contained. . Available extras : Built-in 7 lts. electronic boiler, 10 KW (R1/E) - 1 BHP (R1/E) Built-in 20 lts. electronic boiler, 10 KW (R1/E) 1 BHP (R1/E) or 12 kW (R1/V) - 1,2 BHP (R1/E) Water spray gun. Adjustable head release timer. Steam electric iron assembly GFV with swinging iron support

Presa pentru calcat obiecte din piele model P3

presa pentru calcat obiecte din piele model p3

Presa pentru calcat obiecte din piele model P3. Pneumatic press for finishing leather garments Mod. P3 Pneumatic special press for finishing leather garments ,ready for connection to external air and electricity supplies. Head is aluminium fusion , covered by teflon . Electrically heated - 3 KW , single phase - Adjustable heating by digital thermostat from 80 ° to 250 ° Buck: cold board with pad and cover. Adjustments : Thermostat for heating Timer for head closing timing Reducer for air pressure.

Presa pentru calcat pantaloni PANTAMASTER

presa pentru calcat pantaloni pantamaster

Presa pentru calcat pantaloni PANTAMASTER. Air operated trouser press mod. PANTAMASTER for double legger horizontal pressing. A press with a horizontal head and buck, specifically designed for rapid, flawless pressing of trousers. Trousers are put on the lower buck and held by a special waistband auto-sizing locking device and sets the pleats. Following this the semi-rigid frame is lowered allowing the second leg to be laid on he buck. The adjustable pressure of the head completes the pressing operation. The special shape of head and buck of this press allows you to set the pleats up to the waistband. Thanks to its double buck, both legs are pressed at the same time, thereby providing a fast and highly productive operation as well as improving the pressing quality. This machine finishes classic trousers with crease or casual trousers without crease, thanks to a special device that gets the upper buck near the trousers without pressing it. A cutting edge touch screen PLC allows customization of the machine on every single specific customer's request s, allows a total control on all different functions and a diagnostic menu also makes an instant technical analysis possible at all times. For a superior and more accurate finishing quality, this press is also produced with an up- air, heated waist form. Upon request this press can be equipped with: - BUILT-IN BOILER - GFV iron assembly - Blowing device -No crease finishing device.