Cabinet pentru calcat model Cosmos

cabinet pentru calcat model cosmos

Cabinet pentru calcat model Cosmos. Revolving finishing cabinet Mod. Cosmos-E Revolving finishing cabinet provides finishing for any kind of garment : - jackets , coats, dresses , etc. using the former shape; trousers , skirts , etc. using the topper shape. Fully automatic finishing cycle by digital microprocessor. No need for compressed air for the standard operation. Available with built-in boiler or ready fo connection to an external steam supply. As an extra , at your request , you can have two jackets shapes or two topper shapes on the same unit. and an extra outside ventilation kit for accurate bag adjustment before the finishing cycle or for brushing operations.

Cabinet pentru calcat sosete model CALZE

cabinet pentru calcat sosete model calze

Cabinet pentru calcat sosete model CALZE. COSMOS-E socks setting machine Steam Finishing Cabinet for setting socks of any type and size or fiber. Quick fitting and fast finishing process for an average production of 600 pcs per hour Available with built-in electrically heated boiler or for connection to main steam. Upon request , brackets to fix socks forms are available.