Manechin pentru calcat universal model MGC

manechin pentru calcat universal model mgc

Manechin pentru calcat universal model MGC. Universal form finisher for outerwear garments Mod. MG - with boiler Universal form finisher for the blowing finish of all outerwear garments it is equipped with a 9 liters or a 20 liters boiler capacity , even with two different and separate resistances groups for consumption modulation Finishing cycles controlled by microprocessor Revolving dummy allows to operate on the garment even during cycles Available extras: Steam iron group Steam gun Water spray-gun Special dummies It is represented by STANDARD dummy

Manechin pentru calcat camasi model MG 321

manechin pentru calcat camasi model mg 321

Manechin pentru calcat camasi model MG 321. Universal Shirt finisher Mod. MG-321 -manual tensionings Universal shirt finisher with manual tensioning. Suitable for the dry-cleaner who wants to promote the shirts service among its clients. Ideally designed to process small quantities of shirts , it can also be utilized for finishing outerwear ( jackets , coats, etc.) Automatic adjustable cycles by microprocessor - for connection with external steam.

Manechin pentru calcat pantalon model MP

manechin pentru calcat pantalon model mp

Manechin pentru calcat pantalon model MP. Universal Topper Mod. MP - manual waist and leg tensioning Topper ready for connection to external steam and air supply . It is aimed to be a simple waist finisher with manual waist and leg tensioners. Useful for a general finishing of the trousers to be then finished with an iron or with a press. Suitable for any kind of trousers.